Status Analysis of Precision Casting Industry

The biggest advantage of investment casting is due to the investment casting has a high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, it can reduce the machining work, but the parts require higher parts to leave a little allowance, and even some of the castings only Leave grinding, polishing allowance, you can use without machining. Thus, the use of investment casting method can save a lot of machine tools and processing time, a substantial saving of metal raw materials.
Another advantage of the investment casting method is that it allows the casting of complex castings of various alloys, in particular of superalloy castings. Such as jet engine blades, its streamlined profile and the cooling cavity, using mechanical processing is almost impossible to form. With investment casting process can not only do mass production, to ensure the consistency of the casting, and to avoid residual machining after machining stress concentration.
"2017 China Die Casting Status Quo Investigation and Development Trend Trend Analysis Report" mainly analyzes the investment casting industry market situation and forecast the development trend of investment casting industry forecast. The report first introduced the investment casting industry knowledge and domestic and international development environment, and investment casting industry operating data were analyzed at the same time, investment casting precision casting industry chain were combed, and then detailed analysis of precision investment Casting market competition and investment casting industry benchmarking enterprises, and finally predict the development prospects of investment casting industry, given the investment casting precision casting industry development of the exclusive recommendations and strategies. China. Industry. Transfer. Research Network released the "2017 China Investment Casting Status Quo Investigation and Development Trend Analysis Report" to provide customers with reference for the development of proposals with reference to enable it to With more ability to participate in market competition.
The whole research work of "Research Report on the Current Situation and Development Trend of Investment Casting in 2017 in China" is based on the systematic summarization of previous research results, and is an accurate, comprehensive and comprehensive survey report on investment casting enterprises, research institutes, Quickly understand the development of investment casting industry trends, the development of an indispensable strategic development report of the professional.
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