Automobile Casting Process Knowledge and Casting Technology

Casting is one of the oldest metal forming methods. About 15% ~ 20% of automotive parts are castings made by different casting methods. These castings are mainly key components of power system and important structural components.
Currently Europe and the United States automobile industry developed countries car casting advanced production technology, product quality, production efficiency, environmental pollution. Casting raw and auxiliary materials have been formed series and standardization, the entire production process has been achieved mechanization, automation and intelligence. These countries generally use digital technology to enhance the level of foundry process design, casting scrap rate of about 2% to 5%, and has established a multinational service system and network technical support. In contrast, China's automobile castings, although larger in output, are mostly black castings with added value and low technical content and relatively simple structure, which are far from the foreign ones. This paper mainly from the automobile energy saving and environmental protection and other aspects of development needs, discusses the automotive casting and automotive technology development.
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