Key components of domestic large-scale aerospace casting tec

After nearly two years of unremitting efforts, AVIC Guizhou Anji Casting Company has tackled the key components of the CJ1000 commercial large bypass ratio aeroengine and the casting technology of the overall casing of the high temperature alloy.
In the absence of a variety of research and development technology in the country can learn from the foreign technology and strict sealing of the case, the AVIC Anji Casting rely entirely on their own production and technical capabilities, intelligence research, through the "production, learning and research" cooperation, Fully mobilize and give full play to the talents of cadres and employees of various positions and work against the trend. After nearly two years of unremitting efforts, successfully overcome the CJ1000 commercial large bypass ratio engine superalloy whole casing casting difficulties, climbed today's domestic high-temperature alloy precision casting technology peak to fill the domestic large-engine aircraft engine superalloy Overall casing casting technology blank.
High-temperature alloys, also known as heat-resistant alloys, heat-resistant alloys or superalloys, is a new type of aeronautical material developed in the 40s of the 20th century. It is mainly used for hot-end components of aeroengines and is also an important material for aerospace, energy and chemical industries . China's research and use of high temperature alloy materials started late, compared with similar industries abroad, the gap between the larger. From the perspective of national strategic development, it is imminent to speed up the research and application of superalloy materials and shorten the gap with similar industries in foreign countries. Similarly, the development and production of Chinese own large aircraft is the dream of several generations of aviation people in new China. It is a symbol of the comprehensive strength of a country. For generations, the aviation industry devoted all its life. The aeroengine is matched with people's "heart", is the most core part of the aircraft, and by the AVIC Guizhou Anji Casting Company China Commercial Aircraft C919 large passenger aircraft engine used in the overall high-temperature alloy is called Heart in the heart. How to make such a steel?
In September 2011, at the Beijing International Aerospace Exhibition, CJ1000A, China's first commercial aircraft engine, was demonstrated. In March 2012, Feng Peide, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the production of "1000" domestic engines for the "Yangtze River" is expected to be " Five "for assembly. Based on the above background, on March 19, 2014, Wu Guangpeng, deputy general manager of Angie Casting Company and Wang Zhiyong, director of Superalloy Casting Branch Factory, were invited to participate in the "Changjiang" 1000 Commercial Engine Superalloy Large-scale complex thin-walled turbocharger casing precision casting program demonstration will be heard from the domestic high-temperature alloy precision casting industry units with higher technological level proposed by different ways of process design. The cooperation between Anji Precision Casting and Shanghai Jiaotong University put forward the scheme of taking the main casing and the conical wall as a whole, which attracted great attention of experts and scholars attending the conference. Using this kind of technological scheme, the problems of processing, assembly and use of castings can be completely solved, However, the difficulty of casting increased, there is no precedent in China, although Angie casting in titanium, aluminum precision whole casting technology has created a lot of domestic first, but also accumulated some technical experience, but the outline size of more than 1.3 meters Complex thin-walled high-temperature alloy precision castings and the use of the overall casting technology in Anji casting is unprecedented. In the face of the concerns of the Chinese commercial aircraft representatives of the overall casting molding and the stress of the welding after the separate casting process, looking forward to the ardent hopes of experts and scholars, Wu Guangpeng immediately set forth to cast the whole casing with the guarantee of quality and quantity, Military orders delivered by the node.
In September 2014, Anji Precision Casting and Shenyang Institute of Engineers, Liming co-operation to complete the turbine casing after the whole casting parts map design work, in October of that year, Angie Casting on schedule to complete the overall castings cast design and dawn The company has been signed, the conditions for the development have been available, a large-scale high-temperature alloys around the thin-walled turbine casing after the overall casting research and development in the Anji casting company quietly started. Precision Casting involves more processes, the first to bear the brunt of the first difficulty is the mold design and manufacturing, the company adopted "set wisdom" tackle the way, focused on the design and processing of the best soldiers, using the most advanced design software, the use of the latest Design method, through the implementation of the block management system, improve work efficiency and quality of work, overcome one by one technical difficulties, and finally in accordance with the requirements of nodes to create hundreds of live blocks, the structure is extremely complex overall casing mold for the next step Casting research and production laid a solid foundation. Mold shell making is one of the most important processes in precision casting. Paint workers have the nickname of "Put on clothes for wax molds". Starting from the surface of the sand, each coated with a layer, the weight of the wax also will increase, due to the large size of the wax, the company's existing system of automatic production line can not meet the production needs, Gao Branch coating classes led by the monitor Zhang Guanghua Under the manual operation of all, labor intensity beyond the imagination of ordinary people, each wearing a layer of "clothes", they are a test of energy and physical strength and endurance; each wearing a layer of "clothes" is also their operation Skills test ......
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